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About the Bittersweet Store in Brockport, NY


Bittersweet is a local landmark located on the corner of Main and Market Street in downtown Brockport that has been in business for 30 years.

The grandeur of this 1871 building and the delightful mix of merchandise compliment each other well.

Bittersweet offers a beautiful array of:

  • American made pottery
  • Jewelry
  • Wind chimes
  • Bird houses
  • Hand woven blankets
  • Pictures
  • Trollbeads
  • ...and more!
As you browse further you'll find a room filled with:
  • Natural fiber clothing
  • Shoes by Naot
  • Leather purses
  • ...and accessories from around the world

This is a cornerstone you do not want to miss!


Deckers Block erected by J. D. Decker
This illustration is labeled: "Decker's Block" erected by J. D. Decker.


Bittersweet worms eye view
We love the perspective of this photo of the store.


What our customers say

I'm not a big fan of country stuff or antiques, but I do like browsing through Bittersweet when I come home to Brockport for a visit. It's got that hometown feel to it which makes it genuine. Plus, its located in an old historic building (which I believe used to be a bank), so it's cool to go inside and look at the architecture and imagine what it used to be like a century ago.

They have a lot of antique-looking items for your home, unique jewelry, and clothing (including some Life is Good stuff). At Christmastime, they offer a variety of ornaments, etc. It's a pretty cool store overall and a good place to buy a gift. But for me, it's more about the feeling you get walking into such a historic place.

Eric K. from Charlotte, NC


When my son was in college in Brockport, I always visited your shop. It brings back so many great memories. Besides seeing my son, Bittersweet was the hi light of our trip. I truly miss it.

Livia B. in Camillus, NY


We have always been a shopper at Bittersweet. I have brought my friends and mom to shop Bittersweet as well. They all marveled at the unique items and the fine quality as well.

A One Carpet Cleaning & Restoration in Hilton, NY


This store is brimming with ceramics, primative art, windchimes, soaps, clothes and jewelery. The staff is freindly and helpful under the direction of the shop owner, Darlene Trento. If you are near Brockport, it is worth swinging over and stopping by.

Darlene has just opened a sister store, Fast Buck Fanny's for the younger, hipper crowd (cheaper and aimed for college dorm room decorating).

by Sunweaver


What a great place. I love this store. The merchandise and staff are pure quality. The jewelry selection always has something new and different....and now trollbeads!!! Way to go!

Donna B.


The famous Ivory soap advertisement painted on the side of the Bittersweet store
The famous Ivory soap advertisement painted on the side of the Bittersweet store on Main Street in Brockport, NY.


Bittersweet with the top floor lights on
A wonderful drawing of our building with the top floor lights on.